Logical Operators

Logical Operation

Many a times it would happen that you would want more than one condition to satisfy before you take a position or either one of the multiple conditions to satisfy before taking positions

This can be achived using the Logical connections in the condition builder

There are two Logical connections you can make

1. Logical AND

Advanced Settings

So, you have created your strategy on Tradetron.

Marketplace and Market Settings

Marketplace & Marketplace Settings

Before we understand Marketplace Settings, we need to understand, what is a Marketplace on Tradetron.

Similar to how Amazon, eBay & Alibaba.com are e-commerce marketplace for products, Tradetron is a marketplace for algo strategies.

Repair Once & Repair continuously

Repair Once & Repair continuously

Assuming that you have created your first simple strategy from reading the previous blogs, let us know understand how to implement a multi-leg strategy and how you can take action on specific legs.