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Marketplace & Marketplace Settings

Before we understand Marketplace Settings, we need to understand, what is a Marketplace on Tradetron.

Similar to how Amazon, eBay & are e-commerce marketplace for products, Tradetron is a marketplace for algo strategies.

What do you mean by this?
Similar to how vendors can sell products, on Tradetron, users can create strategies and put them up on the marketplace for others to subscribe and use.

To go to TradeTron Marketplace, go to Strategies -> Marketplace.



The Left side of this page is where you search, sort or filter strategies.


The right side is where all the strategies are listed that exist on Tradetron.

Note: New strategies are added frequently, be on the lookout.

Click the name of any strategy and you will be redirected to the strategy details page.


The strategy page is divided into four sections,

  • Description
  • Subscribers
  • Statistics
  • Rating & Feedback

These parameter become very useful for a user to evaluate the strategy, Hence, let us understand them one by one.

Section 1:

Description: This is the first block, it has the description about the strategy and the author name


You can click on the author name to see his/her profile and other strategies created.


  • This block will also tell a user, what the fee structure is for this strategy.
  • More importantly, here, in this block, you will get the option to subscribe to this strategy or duplicate it.


1. Subscribing & duplicating a strategy are two different actions. Subscribing to a strategy only lets a user runt it from his account, it will not allow the user to see it mechanics or modify it. Duplicating a strategy however, lets the user create an instant of the said in their account. Duplicating gives the user complete control over the algorithm & modification rights in their instance.

2.The option to let a user choose Duplicating or Subscribing is controlled by the author.

Section 2:

Subscribers: If the strategy author chooses, a new user can view all other subscribers to the strategy.


You can also click on each subscriber and check his/her profile.

Section 3:

Statistics: As the name suggests, this block gives you a detailed information about how the strategy has performed.



Section 4:

Ratings/Feedback: You can rate a strategy and give your feedback.


You can only give ratings and feedback to strategies that you have subscribed to.

Once you have subscribed to a strategy, it will be listed in your "My Strategies" page.

So how are these access controls set by the author?

While creating the strategy itself, Tradetron, gives the author, all the parameters to control the access in the Marketplace Settings section.


Let us understand each parameter.

If a user duplicates a strategy and modify it in their account, the changes are only limited to their account. The original strategy will retain its setting and parameters.

If a user duplicates a strategy and modify it in their account, the changes are only limited to their account. The original strategy will retain its setting and parameters.

  • Public Strategy: This parameter allows the author to decide if they wants to list the strategy on the Tradetron Marketplace.
  • Monthly Fixed fee & Variable fee (%): Monthly fee is an absolute amount which the author claims from the user. The Variable fee is the percentage of the profit, the author claims from the user.
  • Display Positions to Non Subscribers: This Parameter if set to Yes, will allow non-subscribers to see the positions taken by the strategy.
  • Allow others to duplicate strategy: If set to Yes by the author, will allow the users to create an instance of the strategy in their account, there by giving them complete control to modify it in their own account.
  • Confirm each subscriber manually: If set to Yes the author will have to authorize each subscriber request.
  • Minimum Multiple for subscriber to deploy: The multiplier set in this parameter multiplies the position size set in the condition builder. The minimum set by the author will be default for all subscribers
  • Invoice Frequency for Variable Fee: The frequency of the invoice sent by the author to the subscribers.
  • Recreate old positions for new subscriber: This option if set to Yes will recreate all position previously taken by the strategy for a new subscriber
  • Subscribers with Private Link Only: If the author chooses not to approve each subscriber manually, however, wishes to broadcast his private strategy to only his closed circle, the author can do so by using this parameter. If set to Yes the strategy stays public, however, not visible in the market. The author can then share the strategy link with users for subscription.
  • Hide Subscribers from others: If set to Yes the author can hide his subscribers to new users.


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